Regardless of whether you target 300 or 10,000 households, the monthly fee for your personal assistant to prepare your reports is just (Click to Enter Zip Code)! Included in this fee:
  • Each report comes with a freshly written cover letter
  • A new list of featured listings is pulled for each report
  • Exclusive use of target areas as long as you continue to mail
  • Tax Roll data used to keep your mail list up-to-date
  • MLS data used to power your report
Reports are just (Click to Enter Zip Code) each that includes:
  • Postage (subtract 2¢/report if mailing over 500, 4¢ over 1,000 and 6¢ over 5,000)
  • Full color on semi-gloss paper with choice of tabbed or envelope delivery
  • Links to a free web page that shows more info on solds as well as featured listings
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