See what successful agents say about our programs!

Below is a summary of feedback from agents using the products and services offered by RSP-USA, Inc. through:
  • AgentMailings (mailed and emailed reports)
  • AgentBrandedSites (real estate websites)
  • AgentPersonalAssistant (administration and preparation of materials)

Margaret K. - Alexandria, VA

"My first mailing went out last week in my new farm area and I got a call from a resident who I had met a couple years ago. She said she was ready to list. I have used AgentMailings for 13 years in another farm area and have been very successful with getting listings from each mailing."

Marsha M. - Tonawanda, NY

"I have been with AgentMailings for four and a half years and use it in addition to my overall marketing plan. I love to keep in touch with the homeowners in my farm areas and they appreciate receiving my reports. People who receive my AgentMailings ALWAYS tell me how much they enjoy receiving them!"

Ginger L. - Raleigh, NC

"Thanks to my reports I received a call and listed a home in my target neighborhood and sold it in six days! A neighbor then called after seeing my success and I also listed their home and sold it! Thank you AgentMailings!"