See what successful agents say about our programs!

Below is a summary of feedback from agents using the products and services offered by RSP-USA, Inc. through:
  • AgentMailings (mailed and emailed reports)
  • AgentBrandedSites (real estate websites)
  • AgentPersonalAssistant (administration and preparation of materials)

Andi W. - Coral Springs, FL

"I started using AgentMailings in 07' in an area where I had a moderate market share and was recognized to some extent. Since I joined AgentMailings, I have obtained number one in market share. I get compliments all the time about the reports. I do customize my letter and use recent market statistics as well as my personal experience and knowledge of what is happening in my area. Many of the calls for listing appointments start out with...."We get your newsletter all the time and think it is fantastic" One person said they have saved them all. Others comment that it is unlike anything else they receive! Thank you AgentMailings"

Frank A. - Miami, FL

"I have been using AgentMailings for 5 plus years now and it has been a very strong part of my business. Everyone that calls me from my AgentMailings reports recognizes that I have been sending them their property information for years and I am the area expert. Most of them keep the mailings in a folder and show them to me when I go to the listing appointment. What they usually say is”I have been saving your letters because I knew that the day I was going to sell, I would give you a call. I have been getting your letters for years.”"

Glen S. - Sanibel Island, FL

"Recently, I took some neighbors down to the Lee County Property Appraiser’s Office to discuss the recent appraisals on their respective properties. When they opened their files several pulled out our last Home Seller Report of sales for their discussion references. I smiled to myself just a little bit as it told me that the reports are important to them."