See what successful agents say about our programs!

Below is a summary of feedback from agents using the products and services offered by RSP-USA, Inc. through:
  • AgentMailings (mailed and emailed reports)
  • AgentBrandedSites (real estate websites)
  • AgentPersonalAssistant (administration and preparation of materials)

Sharon & Steve F. - Williamsville, NY

"I recently obtained 2 listings because of AgentMailings. I have heard good feedback from my homeowners so far. I had one that recently told me that he liked seeing what properties have sold and whats on the market. He said that the information on the Reports is very useful."

Margaret K. - Alexandria, VA

"I have received many good comments about the AgentMailings reports and I attribute 2 or 3 of my listings in the last year directly to the AgentMailings Report. One owner even referred a buyer to me."

Gloria K. - Tampa, FL

"My last 3 listings presentations were in the neighborhoods where I have been mailing for the last several years. My credibility is established when I walk I the door so my presentations contains market stats and pricing. Thank you for the professional presentation that precedes me – it makes my job easier and profitable…"