See what successful agents say about our programs!

Below is a summary of feedback from agents using the products and services offered by RSP-USA, Inc. through:
  • AgentMailings (mailed and emailed reports)
  • AgentBrandedSites (real estate websites)
  • AgentPersonalAssistant (administration and preparation of materials)

Judy L. - Amherst, NY

"I have recently received a listing for 274,000. I sold it for 269,000 within 2 days. The homeowner was actually someone that I knew in the past. She said that she loved receiving the report and her husband reads it cover to cover each month. This was a boost for me to stay with this program."

Eugenia B. - Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Jean says because of the consistency of the AgentMailings reports, she has gotten 2 recent listings, and the calls keep coming in!"

Julie O. - Greensboro, NC

"I have gotten 3 phone calls from the last AgentMailings reports and have gotten BOTH listings and ONE buyer!! These were all in the same neighborhoods. I need the other 5 neighborhoods to step it up!!!! I love the program, it's worth the money. Thank you AgentMailings!!"