See what successful agents say about our programs!

Below is a summary of feedback from agents using the products and services offered by RSP-USA, Inc. through:
  • AgentMailings (mailed and emailed reports)
  • AgentBrandedSites (real estate websites)
  • AgentPersonalAssistant (administration and preparation of materials)

Judi M. - Raleigh, NC

"I have only mailed out reports two times so far and I received three phone calls from the last mailing and met with those three sellers! I have hope they may list eventually. I can see AgentMailings is beneficial and will create opportunities for potential listings. Thank you AgentMailings!"

Lori H. - Marco Island, FL

"My AgentMailings mail out has been instrumental in helping me get 5 listings in my area. The program has been a very productive prospecting tool for me and has more than paid for itself over the years."

Joy H. & James A. - St. Pete Beach, FL

"From this last AgentMailings mailout we were able to get a listing on a waterfront condo!! The condo had been listed before and expired at a higher price. The sellers wanted to relist with a different agent/company and were impressed with our monthly mailings and information. The sellers listed with us at our interview!"